All images taken by Victoria Hulbert.

Samoa is probably the most untouched place I've ever been. We came across very few backpackers, if any tourists at all. The beaches were postcard-worthy without any of the plastic overflow that you, sadly, so often see on the beaches of Thailand or Bali. It's a Pacific island of deep family ties, church on Sundays, fat pigs roasting under banana leaves for dinner. Waterfalls like something out of King Kong. Everyone knew everyone. Oh, you got a ride with John the Taxi Driver? Yeah, John the taxi driver is my uncle. He's my best friend. He's married to my sister. I've never waved to so many people while on the back of a scooter. Kids lined the streets to high-five us as we drove past. Angry dogs chased after us nipping at our heels. An island smack dab on the international date line. The last sunset of the whole day.